Frequently Asked Questions


How do we get started?

Call us!

We'll begin by listening to you, understanding your needs, what challenges you face, and discuss what's possible. We can then meet or have an online discussion. We also have a live chat function on our website, which will be accessible whenever we are.

What can a simple, well designed website do for me?

Build awareness, grow your business and give you credibility.

A good website can professionally represent you or your organisation to the world. It can showcase your products, your art, help people understand the services you provide.

It can be an online shop allowing people anywhere to purchase your products and services, to make bookings for classes or sessions or make appointments for your services.

You can be a news site or start a blog.

Do you have examples of websites you've created?

Please view our Happy Clients page for some examples of our work.

Will my website be easy to manage / update?


The technical skill required to manage a Squarespace website is modest. We think it is the easiest website management system to use.

If you can operate a computer and navigate websites you have all the skills you need.

We can start with the basics, or if you are pretty comfortable with those, we can move your training along to the more feature rich elements of updating, editing and adjusting your website.

Squarespace has a large library of very helpful videos and tutorials. Their support is 24x7 so if you do have a problem they are on hand to support you.

What if I still need help?

We won't leave you stranded.

After the website handover and training we'll follow up to see how you're progressing. Is the site meeting your expectations? Does your copy need an editor's eye run over it?

Or do you need a little more assistance with how to use the system?

If you would like us to assist further with anything, we can also provide ongoing service and support at pre-agreed rates.

What if I already have a website?

That's great.

You can tell us what it is about your current site you like and don't like, and what else you wish your website could do.

Many of the sites we create are to replace an existing website which is either unappealing, out of date, difficult or costly to manage and amend, or does not provide the functionality or scalability needed for your business.

Can we develop the website in phases?

For sure.

Perhaps you are not ready for a full commerce function yet but expect to be ready later as your business develops. We can begin with a beautiful web presence and introduce more functionality later.

What will I need?

To build a website with us you will need:

  • Ideas about what you'd like the website to do for you
  • Some copy (a narrative) about you and your business. We can help with this if you need
  • A logo, high resolution images and any other marketing collateral you have. It's best if these are professionally done but we can work with what you've already got and recommend what else would you might need
  • a budget - check out our fixed price packages as a starting point
  • a computer with broadband internet access and an up to date web browser (e.g. Safari on a Mac, or Google Chrome on Microsoft Windows computers)

Do you provide training?


After completing each website, we include handover training so you'll to be able to use, update and amend your website without needing ongoing support.

We can also provide training beyond the handover, perhaps for new team members or if you would like to learn about using additional features offered by the platform. Talk to us about rates for this service.

How much does it cost?

We offer very reasonable fixed price plans. Cost will depend on the level of complexity and services you need, but it's probably not as much as you think.

See our options and prices here.

Are there ongoing costs?

Bello Square does not charge any ongoing fees. The website handover means our part of the project is complete. The only additional fees are those outlined on our rates page. For the most part, these are hosting charges from Squarespace and special features you may choose to add.

Can I have an online store accept payments?

Sure can.

If you would like customer payments from your online store to be made directly to your bank account, you will need to use 'Stripe' - an e-commerce payments system which integrates with Squarespace. It works with most credit and debits cards as well as Apple Pay. It's dead easy and we can help you set it up.

Can we use PayPal?

Yes, online stores can accept payments via PayPal.

What fees do payment providers charge?

Squarespace plans include transaction fees for Commerce orders and donations.

There are two fees:

  • a payment processor fee (varies between Stripe and PayPal, applicable to all plans), and
  • a Squarespace transaction fee (3% or none, depending on your plan).

Can I use my own domain name?

Yes, you can use any domain name you own. There will be a need to update the Domain Name System (DNS) settings with your Domain Name service provider when your new website is ready. We can assist if needed.

I need a domain name, can your help?

Of course!

Bello Square does not provide domain names but we can help you acquire one. The domain name service provider we'd recommend depends on the type of domain name(s) you need.

Squarespace provides typical ".com" domain names from under $30 per year depending on the number and the type of domain names you require.

Domain names typically have an annual fee payable to your chosen domain name service provider.

What about e-mail accounts?

If you require a new email account along with your domain name, a Google G-Suite email account can be organised via Squarespace and associated with your Squarespace domain name.

There are options of course from many other service providers such as Netregistry, GoDaddy, Amazon Route 53, Crazy Domains and dozens of others.

Can you help with copy writing and editing?

Most certainly!

If writing is not your thing, Bello Square can take a brief and create all the words your website needs. Or, you might like to provide a draft and have us wave a magic wand over it. An experienced editor can take your words, polish them up, re-work, re-order, tweak and trim them to make your meaning clearer and your impact sharper.