Simple Pricing Options


Fixed Price website Plans

Bello Square offers fixed price website builds and we'll have you up and running in no time.

Standard Features

Every package includes:

  • Websites built with the Squarespace platform using one of their gorgeous templates
  • Styling and content using your branding, logo, images, copy and colour palette
  • General proof-read of your copy
  • Optimised for viewing on mobile devices
  • Built-in website analytics so you can easily monitor traffic in detail
  • Easy to use website management system for content changes
  • Handover training and a handover guide
  • 24x7 support from Squarespace
  • Readiness to add new features and functionality in the future

    Custom Builds and Services

    Of course we can discuss special needs and customised services, as well as support beyond the original project (but we think the system is so good you most likely won't need it).

    We can do a fixed price quote or work at an hourly rate.

    • Content management
    • Copy writing & editing
    • Style changes
    • Extra training
    • Special features & additional customisation
    • Search engine optimisation
    • Help with domain names or email

    Website design and build



    ongoing fees and charges


    Bello Square

    Bello Square does not charge any ongoing fees. The website handover means our part of the project is complete. The only additional fees are those outlined below. For the most part, these are hosting charges from Squarespace and special features you may choose to add.

    Squarespace account plan

    Websites we create are hosted on Squarespace, which means you'll need to sign up for a Squarespace account plan. Prices are very reasonable. The Squarespace plan will then be billed to your account either monthly or annually depending on your preference. Squarespace pricing ranges from:

    • $A16/month for personal websites
    • $A25/month for business websites
    • $A34/month for commerce websites

    You may cancel your Squarespace account at any time, or change your preferred plan option.


    In case you're wondering, Bello Square receives no fees, commissions or incentives from Squarespace. We just think it's a great service.


    e-commerce fees

    If you would like customer payments to be made directly to your bank account, you will need to use 'Stripe' - an e-commerce payments system which integrates with Squarespace. It's dead easy and we can help you set it up. You can also accept payments via PayPal or Apple Pay.

    Payment service providers have varying fee and charges.

    Squarespace charges a 3% fee on sales for Business plans.

    There is no transaction fee for Commerce plans.

    Domain name

    You can use your existing domain name or we can help you acquire one. Domain names typically require an annual fee which will depend on the service provider.

    Squarespace provides typical ".com" domain names from under $30 per year depending on the number and the type of domain names you require.


    If you require email along with your domain name, a Google G-Suite email account can be organised via Squarespace and associated with your domain.

    3rd Party Applications

    While the Squarespace platform is feature rich, occasionally customised features require third party applications or code to be embedded within your website. Some of these applications are available free; others are not. We will never install such an application without your prior agreement.