Bello Square is a Squarespace Circle member.

Circle supports the community of creatives, developers and designers who use Squarespace to build beautiful websites for themselves and their clients. Squarespace helps us to learn and grow so we can keep improving our services and support for you.

Being a Squarespace Circle member means:

  • We have built multiple currently active websites using the Squarespace platform.
  • Trial websites created by us are available for up to six months allowing plenty of time to experiment before going live. Of course we don't expect we'll need anywhere near that long, but it's always nice to have a bit more wiggle room than a standard two week trial allows.
  • We have access to online support resources, advanced guides and a network of specialists not available to regular Squarespace clients.
  • Our support requests receive Squarespace's "optimized care".

Being a Circle member does not mean we or any other member has any form of endorsement, accreditation or affiliation from or with Squarespace.

We neither receive nor pay any commission or other forms of incentive for using the Squarespace platform. We just really like it and think it provides an ideal solution for those wanting a quality, functional, great looking website with an easy to use management interface.